• $21.00

    Shipping Early August Works with F16V4 and F48V4 controllers.  F16V4/F48V4 Audio Board. Provides high quality audio output via 3.5mm jack to F16v4 or F48V4 controllers.

    Shipping 1 Week
  • $225.00

    Shipping Early to Mid August F48V4 Can drive up to 32768 pixels.  48 Differential Outputs. Local SmartReceiver onboard. Can connect up to 12 Falcon Differential SmartReceiver Chains.    

    Shipping early to mid August
  • $220.00

    F16V4 Shipping Early to Mid August. Description The controller receives 192 universes of E131, Artnet or DDP data and can output pixel data to 16-48 strings with optional expansion boards. 1024 pixels per output in 16 to 32 string mode. 704 pixels per string in 48 port mode.   

    Shipping Mid August
  • $40.00

    Shipping Early August Works with F16V4 only.  The expansion board have a 24-pin ribbon cable connector. The Differential Expansion Board connects the the F16V4. Comes with 24-pin ribbon cable.

    Shipping Mid August
  • $50.00

    Shipping Early August Works with F16V4 only.  The F16V4 Expansion Board connects the F16V4. Completely Assembled. This board expands a F16V4 pixel controller to give controller another 16 ports. Two expansion boards can be used to extend F16v4 to a 48 port controller. 2x12 ribbon cable (20cm) is included.         

    Shipping Mid August
  • $26.00

    Shipping Mid August Works with F16V4, F48V4 and F16V4 Differential Expansion Boards.  For F16V3 and F48 versions of controller please buy SmartReceiver version 1.xx not this version. The 4-String Differential SmartReceiver v2.00 Board can be connected to the F16V4, F48V4 or F16V4 Differential Expansion Boards allowing 4 strings to be placed far away....

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